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Joining Copper, PEX, or CPVC Tubing

Do I need to prepare the tube ends differently when using push fittings?

No, as with sweater copper fittings, the tube must be chamfered, de-burred and reamed (free from burrs and debris). Quick Fitting recommends the use of an Inner/Outer Reamer to chamfer, de-burr and ream tube ends. These steps are essential to ensure the proper connection of your CopperHead® push-to-connect fitting. Also, be sure to draw an insertion mark on the tube to indicate the proper insertion of the tubing into the fitting.


What Type of tubing can be used with CopperHead® fitting?

Copperhead® connectors are approved for use with Copper, CPVC and PEX.

Should I use a tubing insert stiffener on Copper, PEX and CPVC?

A stiffener is only required when connecting PEX tubing.

Should I pressure test my system following the installation of push fittings?

Yes, as with all types of plumbing fittings, new installations should be pressure tested to ensure a proper connection.

Can I install push fittings in a wet (charged) system?

Push fittings can be installed wet or dry. System pressures should be relieved to avoid injury prior to installation.

Installing, Testing and Flushing Your Push Fit System

Can a CopperHead® fitting blow off a water system?

No, the grip ring technology utilizes an opposing force principle, which simply put, the higher the force used to pull the fitting, the deeper the fitting bites into the tubing.

What have CopperHead® fittings been tested to at the factory?

CopperHead® fittings are factory tensile tested to over 900 pound force and temperatures of 200 °F.

What support hanger spacing must I use with my CopperHead® System?

Support requirements are identical to sweat system; as such installers should adhere to local codes. Always fully support heavy loads on your plumbing system.

How Do test my CopperHead® System?

Pressure testing should be conducted the same way as you would with Copper sweat system. The system should be installed, pressurized and then held under pressure for a period determined by your local plumbing regulations.

Do I need to lubricate the fitting when installing? Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

No, CopperHead® seals are factory-lubricated with an NSF-61 approved lubricant.

Do I still have to flush my system?

Glues, adhesives or sealants are not required and should never be applied to the connection fitting or tubing.

Should I use glue or solder when installing CopperHead®?

Glues, adhesives or sealants are not required and should never be applied to the connection, fitting or tubing.

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