Premium Push Fittings

Best In Class

Patented Technology

Superior Performance

Advanced Design

Naturally Anti-microbial

No Lead

No Dezincification

99.97% Pure Copper

  • All Applicable approvals
  • Patented Design
  • Lead-Free Copper
  • Removable & Reusable
  • Installs Wet or Dry
  • Zinc-Free
  • Fast Connection
  • Instant Connect
  • Lead Law Compliant
  • No Dezincification
  • No Glues or Soldering
  • 75-Year Warranty
  • Plumbing
  • Marine
  • Irrigation
  • RV & Mobile Homes
  • Heating
  • Outdoor Plumbing


CopperHead® 99.97% copper push fittings contain no lead or zinc and nor arsenic additives, making it naturally lead law compliant an not subject to dezincification. Copper is well known for its strength and superior heat transfer properties in plumbing applications. Copper is also recognized as a premium material of construction by plumbing professionals. In a recent blind study, 8 out of 10 professional plumbers selected our copper push fit technology when presented with a choice of plastic, brass or copper.

CopperHead® is the clear alternative to any competitive product today.

The Future of Plumbing is Here

Our revolutionary push fittings can be applied in almost any plumbing situation






Outdoor Plumbing




RV & Mobile Homes







Dezincification Resistant (No Zinc Content)

Certified Clorimide Resistant Seals

Lead Law Compliant

CopperHead® Lead Law Compliant Products

As we learned years ago with lead paint, lead can be very dangerous to humans. This danger brought about laws that prohibited the use of lead based paints, and now there is a lead law that lowers the acceptable Pb (lead) levels in all brass products used in potable water systems. Potable water systems are water systems used for both cooking and consumption.
In 2006, California passed the AB1953 Lad Law, which went into effect on January 1, 2010. The law mandates lead levels on products used in a potable water system contain less than .25 percent lead. In January 2011, the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act was signed into law. The law takes effect nationwide on January 4, 2014. In 2014, all plumbing fittings used in water systems for cooking and potable water must be lead-free (less than .25% lead)
CopperHead® makes complying with the Lead Law very easy by providing Lead Law compliant no Lead copper fittings.
In addition to our lead law compliant copper, CopperHead® fittings and valves are tested to be zinc-free and dezincification resistant. The high-performance seals used in our push fit products are certified Chloramine resistant.
Installation of our push fittings takes just a few seconds, and it is easy for professionals, as well as those who are completing do-it-yourself projects. Get lead out of your life, and out of your drinking water, with CopperHead® fittings .

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